Eat a Gallon of Cum Challenge

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Can you imagine drinking a full gallon of semen?  Not just a cup, or a pint, but a full gallon.  That is a *lot* of gooey semen!  Just think how long it takes to drink a gallon of milk.  I could not possibly drink that much of anything all at once, but over time I can, and I will, consume a full gallon of cum.  That is the challenge I have set for myself.

Olimometer 2.52

To ingest a full gallon of cum, I will need to keep track of how many loads of cum I eat.  To do that I will use the Cum Tracker above.  I figure there are 768 teaspoons in a gallon, and a full ejaculation (at least for me) is about 1 tsp.  If I only edge my cum out without a full orgasm, I may get only half that.  So every time I consume sperm I will have to increment the counter on my Cum Tracker accordingly.

Just think of all the food I will have to cum on to reach this goal!  It might take awhile, but it will be loads of fun getting there!  Plus, I will have lots of stories, photos, and videos to share!  Yum!

Most likely all of the cum I swallow will be my own since I don’t get many opportunities to eat cum from anybody else.  I will eat my cum raw.  I will eat my cum on and in my food and drink.  I will store loads of my cum in the freezer to eat later.  No matter how I eat my cum (or someone else’s cum), it will all count toward my goal of ingesting a full gallon of cum.  You can follow my progress here or with the Cum Tracker on the sidebar.

Completing this challenge will take a considerable amount of time if I’m limited to eating only my own cum.  Doing the math, if I ate a full load of cum every day, it would still take over two years to reach a gallon!  That is a lot of masturbation.  Most likely I will only have time to average 3-4 full ejaculations per week.  I don’t want Popeye arms, so maybe I should look into getting a small vibrator.  Using a vibrator and storing cum in the freezer, it might be easier to average 4-5 orgasms per week.  That would mean it would take me over three years to reach a gallon eating only my own semen.  I better not waste any!

I have also challenged myself to drink a full keg of piss.  That challenge should be quicker and easier to complete.

Could you eat a gallon of cum?
I probably already have eaten several gallons.
That is a lot of cum, but I could eat that much over time.
In my entire lifetime, I could never eat that much cum.
I am gonna try to eat a gallon of cum! I am taking the challenge too.
You can eat mine if you like, but I do not eat cum.
Cum is not food. I will not take the challenge.
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