Drink a Keg of Piss Challenge

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Kegs are usually associated with beer, but imagine a full keg of urine… that’s 15.5 gallons of piss.  This is the challenge I have given myself… to drink a full keg of piss.  Normally it would take a room full of people working together to finish off a full keg, so doing it alone is a lot of piss to drink!

I expect that most of the pee I drink will be my own, except for any rare opportunities I get to drink someone else’s pee.  That will make it take longer, but I don’t mind.  I will be drinking my pee fresh, usually straight from a glass.  I may mix it from time to time by peeing into a bottle of juice, or into a bowl of soup.  I also love peeing on my salad and in my cereal, so as long as I ingest it, I will count it toward the total.  I may have to guess at the amount of pee I drink sometimes, but I will always estimate on the low side so when I do finally reach my goal, there will be no doubt that I drank a full keg of piss.

Olimometer 2.52

To keep track of how much pee I drink, I am using the Pee Tracker above.  The Pee Tracker keeps count of how many ounces of urine I drink.  There are 15.5 gallons in a keg, and 128 fluid ounces in a gallon.  That means there are 1,984 fluid ounces in a keg.  You can follow my pee drinking progress here and on the sidebar.

Filling a mug with warm fresh pee to drink.

I estimate that if I drink 12 oz of urine every day, I could finish this challenge in under 6 months.  Most likely though, I’ll only drink about 3 oz per day, or 21 oz of urine per week on average, which would take around 18 months to finish.  I may also do a few urine fasts, where I drink nothing but fruit juice, water, and most of my pee.  That would really speed up the time to reach the goal!  Finishing though is a relative term… once I finish drinking the first keg, I’ll move the goal to drinking a barrel of piss.  One barrel is 2 kegs, or 30 gallons!  Gulp.

I have also challenged myself to eat a gallon of cum.  That personal challenge will take quite a bit longer to complete, but it will be loads of fun!

Could you drink a keg of piss?
I could easily drink a keg of piss, and probably already have!
It might take me awhile, but I could do it.
I could not drink that much pee, I prefer quality over quantity.
I would like to try! I am taking the challenge!
You can drink mine, but I am not drinking any piss.
Have fun with that, but I have no interest in drinking pee.
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UPDATE:  I have reached the 1 keg goal.  I am now extending the goal to drinking 2 kegs of urine!  Read my post about completing the initial keg of piss challenge here.

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