Better Cum Storage

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Storing cum to eat later is a good way to enjoy eating multiple loads at once, especially if you plan to cook with it.  Earlier I did a review of a specialty single serving salad dressing container that I used for storing cum in the freezer.  That worked pretty well, but over time I found it was not easy to keep clean between uses.  I’ve since moved on to a different container.

Any container intended for storing single servings of salad dressing works great for storing cum.  They can usually be found anyplace that sells food storage containers such as Safeway, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, etc.  By design, they are an ideal size to ejaculate into and stash in the freezer.  The ones I’m using now can hold from 10-20 loads of cum, though I think about 5-10 loads is plenty for a single serving.  They are sold in a 4-pack, so I can have multiple containers of stored semen going.  Using some masking tape and a marker, I can easily keep track of how many loads are in each container.

Having my cum in a small container designed to be taken on the go, means its a no-brainer to be able to pour my semen out onto a salad or some other food while out in public.  Its not uncommon for people to bring their own salad dressing to use on their salad at lunch or dinner.  Semen, once thawed, resembles salad dressing.    You could pour your cum onto anything such as a juicy sirloin, fresh popcorn, or use it as a dipping sauce.  The ideas are endlessly exciting!

Some guys have stored huge amounts of cum, enough to fill an entire coffee cup!  While that sounds exciting, I would have a difficult time waiting that long.  Storing smaller amounts in multiple containers allows me to have fun with larger quantities of semen on a more regular basis.

I don’t normally ejaculate into a measuring spoon before adding my cum to the storage container.  For these photos, I was trying to get a measurement of the amount of semen in my orgasm.  This was an edging session after multiple days of eating my cum each night.  I seem to have come up just a little short of a teaspoon with this particular orgasm.  Most times though I would easily fill the teaspoon with a full orgasmic ejaculation.  I did seem to leave a nice tasty drop of cum on the tip of my penis that you can clearly see in the photos.

The markings on the container keep count of how many loads I have in there already.  I had six ejaculations already frozen in that container.  After adding the cum from the teaspoon, I now have seven loads of cum.  Its time to start planning a fun cummy meal to eat!  Most of the cooking with cum recipes call for 3-4 loads of cum.  Having between 5-10 loads will help ensure that the natural flavor of semen will not be so easily overwhelmed by other flavors.

So to recap, here are the top reasons why I recommend using a single serving salad dressing container, such as the one pictured with my penis, to store your frozen sperm:

  1. Easy to ejaculate into,
  2. Hides easily and discreetly in the freezer,
  3. Easy to thaw and warm up using hot water,
  4. Easy to travel with if you want to add semen to your food in public,
  5. Allows for an ideal portion size to use when when cooking,
  6. Seals well to limit freezer frost,
  7. Easy to clean between uses.

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