Almonds and Cheese Plate with Honey and Semen

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The following images were sent to me by a fellow cum on food fan who goes by the handle Edgefull.  He sent me some photos he recently took and I asked him if I could post them here for everyone to enjoy.  He agreed, so I asked him a few questions about his fine photos.  I’ve included his answers along with the images below in an interview style format.  Enjoy.


AN:  Thank you sharing your photos, they look really tasty.  So how did you come up with the idea for this creation?

Edgefull:  I’m a big fan of meat and cheese plates that are all the rage in restaurants these days.  What’s most interesting are the accessory foods, usually some sweet things like honey or quince paste or dried fruit, along with nuts (candied a lot of times).  I wish I’d had the makings of a real charcuterie plate, but I did have a kind of mini version of it, with cheese (aged cheddar) being the main savory item, manukah honey, almonds (unsalted) and of course my semen.  I’d recently bought these great black Japanese plates and was always thinking about how good semen would look on the plate, but knew it needed a combination of colors and textures to work best.

AN:  You were right about how good your semen looks on the plate.  How did you get your semen so neatly placed on the plate?

Edgefull:  Typically during my longer masturbation sessions, I will need some relief from the pressure of my semen building up, so making a dish with my semen is the perfect opportunity.  So in this case, my semen was a partial ejaculation, just produced by bringing myself to the edge and just letting the semen dribble out of my penis.  Sometimes it’s not so easy to control, but this time, I was able to get it to dribble very gradually out so as to allow me to place a pool of it in its own quadrant on the plate.

AN:  You are making me hungry!  Did you or anyone else eat the nicely prepared appetizer?

Edgefull:  I didn’t actually eat it. I don’t eat my semen as much as I used to and in this case, I really enjoyed posing with it and masturbating to it.

AN:  Okay, sorry to hear that.  I don’t want to know what happened to that tasty looking load of semen.  I’ll just imagine it was as delicious as it looks.  Thank you for sharing your inspiring and artful cum on food creation.

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