Chicken Apple Walnut Salad with Raspberry Merlot Dressing and Piss

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Its the start of a new year, and that means another resolution to eat healthier.  So…, I drained my full bladder into my salad before eating it.  Before I started this blog, I never would have imagined I would craft a sentence such as “I drained my full bladder into my salad before eating it.”, but that is exactly what happened.  This blog seems to inspire a great many sentences you won’t often hear in public.

I pee in my salads often.  Only occasionally do I bother to record myself doing so since I don’t want to get too repetitive with my pee in food postings.  However, I’m still looking for that “perfect” pee on salad video.  I’m getting closer, but I feel there is still room for improvement.  There are still some elements missing that I feel could make these videos even better.

I had a pre-packaged salad waiting in the refrigerator until I had a strong need to pee.  What is new for this pee salad is that I’m not using the pre-packaged dressing.  I have found that not all salad dressings mix well with urine.  Better to use dressing that I already know I like mixed with my pee, and that goes well with the salad.  One of these times though, I’m going to try it with no dressing at all to really maximize the full flavor of my fresh urine with the salad.

The full video I made is rather long.  Sorry about that.  It was fun to make, and I enjoy watching it myself.  My favorite part is when I first start to pee on the fully prepared salad, than toward the end when I tip the bowl to my mouth and slurp up the remaining juice.  I considered speeding up the video, but I like seeing all the piss dripping from the fork/spoon while I’m eating it.  At a faster speed, it would be more difficult to see those little details that make the video so erotic.  Anyone who actually watches the video of me eating the piss drenched salad always has the option of jumping ahead if they want.

Full length video is available on Xtube here.

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