Making A Better Butterfinger

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Butterfinger bars are delicious straight out of the package, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for a little all natural improvement.  One way to improve them is to ejaculate a warm load of semen on top.  This not only makes them more fun to eat, but it also feels really good preparing them to be eaten.

You can see in these photos and videos that I really enjoyed adding my topping to the Butterfinger as much as I enjoyed eating it afterward.  Sure, some of my cum rolled off the smooth chocolate onto the plate.  I did not let any of that go to waste though.  What I couldn’t keep on top of the candy bar I slurped up with my tongue.

For this tasty treat, I made two versions of the video.  The first is the full length feature, while the second is an abbreviated version that clips together only the best parts.  I like how this blog has me learning more and more about multimedia editing.  I did however get a little carried away with the zoom on the camera.  As a result there are some focus issues in a few places.  That just means I’ll have to do this again (and again, and again, etc, etc.)

Here are the videos.  Let me know which one you prefer and why in the comments below.  Enjoy!

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