2013 Year In Review

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First of all, I’d like to thank all the visitors of this site for their encouraging and supportive comments!  It is always such a relief to know there are others who share a similar interest in eating their cum or drinking their pee.  Without you, this would just be a boring little blog.  Keep on cumming!

Now, 2013 was a banner year for this blog, and being the first full year that this blog has been online, its time to start an annual year in review.  First, though, a quick recap of 2012 and before.

Enjoying the special treat.

I’ll start with 2012.  This blog launched in May of 2012.  At that time, the now gone cumonfood.net site was quite popular.  I was using that site to store all my work.  At the time, the webmaster of that site had been hinting that he wanted to get out of owning his site.  It occurred to me that if he were to close down his site (which he eventually did!) I would lose all of my cum on food photos.  I didn’t have too many, but I didn’t want to lose them, since I was not keeping copies on my computer.  Some of those posts, like the Waffle With Nutella & Sperm, Jizzy Jello, my first Penis Parfait, and the smokin’ Hot Cum on Chocolate Pudding series were all too good to lose.  They also had sentimental value to me as my first foray into publicly sharing my fetish for eating my cum on food.   I decided I should create my own site, where I could archive my images, and expand beyond just cum on food.  Thus this blog was created.  I copied all my posts from cumonfood.net and created back dated those older posts here, which explains why I have posts prior to the launch date.  So that brings us to 2012.

in 2012 I cranked out 40 blog posts.  Many of those initial posts were simply reviews of other sites while I was learning the art of blogging.  At that early time, I was also really busy trying to setup a structure for the site and deciding where to put things in the menus.  I created many static informative pages for both cum and piss, such as frequently asked questions, what is in cum/piss, etc.  That was a time consuming process that used up time I could have been cumming on food!

Toward the end of 2012, I had most of the blog structure in place the way I wanted it.  Most of the static content was also done.  I had posted only a couple new cum and pee photos.  I realized I was spending too much time trying to link together content from other sources and not enough time having the fun I was intending when I started blogging.  That led to a small explosion of cum on food content right around Christmas time, including a big all day cum edging session on Christmas day.

Now on to 2013!  This was a big year that involved a lot of cum eating and pee drinking, despite a few noticeably long gaps between posts.  This was also the year when cumonfood.net disappeared for good.  (I hope everybody had backups of their photos!)  I noticed a spike in traffic to my blog once that site went offline.

New Pages.  In 2013, I added some interactive content in the form of puzzle games.  There is a jigsaw puzzle and a memory match puzzle, both of which draw upon content from this site.  I also added a page listing all the national food holidays, that I dubbed the National Cum On Food Holidays page.  There is plenty of inspiration there!  Additionally, I started up a related Tumblr blog to use for cross promotion, and finally I added a visitor maps page showing roughly which countries the last 30 days of visitor traffic came from.

Best Overall Post.  There were some fantastic blog posts in 2013 as well.  At the top of the list in popularity, and the overall favorite, is a remake of the no-milk mac-n-cheese post, but this time besides just using my urine to replace the milk, I also ejaculated into the mix, then devoured the whole delicious meal. That post appears to be a real fan favorite both here and on Xtube.  Not surprising since it would appeal to both cum and pee lovers.  That was a fun creation, and led to many people requesting I cook for them!  I will need to do more pee/cum combos for next year.

Best Pee Post.  I only posted a few pee entries in the pee on food category, but tops among those was the Pee Soaked Salad.  This was when I learned how tasty a salad can be when it is turned into a soup just by adding a lot of fresh urine.  Until this post, I had only pee’d into my food in small amount.  This was a breakthrough.  In this blog post, I completely soaked the salad, and still had enough pee to provide a wine glass of urine to compliment the meal.  That post changed how I, and hopefully others too, will forever enjoy eating salads!

Best Penis Fun Post.  The penis fun category had some late entries to challenge the Nat’l Donut Day post, where I really like the photo of my penis peaking through the marble donut hole.  However, the recent post of my penis on pumpkin pie with whipped cream is mouth watering and hypnotic!  Also, the random photo of my penis in a package of hot dogs turned out to be much more visually exciting than I ever expected!  Perhaps because at first glance it isn’t entirely clear what you are seeing, somewhat like my penis in a Big-Mac photo.  I also added my penis on a plate, and in a bowl, both of which make for some fun photos.

Best Cum On Food Post.  Finally, the cum on food category.  There were many good cum on food additions to the blog in 2013.  It is not easy to choose a favorite among such tasty and visually appealing offerings as the Big Mac Penis Attack, the Oreo Cum Surprise, and the recently added Christmas post Cum Frosting A Chocolate Christmas Tree and Nestle Chocolate Santa Cum Crunch.   I also can’t forget the first post of 2013, the Cum on Chocolate Mousse.  That post has all the visual elements and looks stunningly delicious!  And the Nat’l Cum On Donut Day photos were also fantastic. These were all an excellent series of yummy cummy photos, but the one that has most visual appeal has to be the Cum On Hostess Cupcake.  Eating that cum slathered cupcake was so much fun, and my semen looks so spectacular in that series.  I love the accidental yet artistic dribble of cum over the edge of the cupcake.  That orgasm was fantastic as I went a little over the typical edge when milking out my cum.

2014 is already looking to be another spectacular year for this blog.  I continue to improve both the quality and artistry of my posts, and I have plenty of fun ways to enjoy cumming and pissing on food planned for next year.  Ideas on tap for next year include adding a page for requests for things to cum on, pee on, or both, and possibly a page for fan photo submissions.  I plan to do more actual cooking with cum as an ingredient instead of just a topping.

Thanks again to all you cum on food lovers, cum eaters, pee drinkers, and everyone else who enjoys this blog!  Please share your favorites from last year in the comments below and have a great 2014!


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