Pumpkin Pie with a Penis and Whipped Cream On Top

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‘Tis the season for putting my penis in pumpkin pie!!

I love the way pumpkin pie feels on my penis.  It has a soft yet firm stickiness that can retain the impression my penis makes when pressed into the pie.  If you ever get the chance to stick your penis in warm pumpkin pie, by all means do it!  It feels awesome, especially knowing that either you or somebody else is going to be eating that pie!

As if feeling the warm pie underneath your shaft isn’t awesome enough, now add chilled whipped cream on top.  You can feel both the warm and cool sensations as you wiggle your penis around on the slice of pie.  It is easy to get carried away playing with your penis by mashing the whipped cream into the pie.

With or without cum, eating a slice of penis mashed pumpkin pie is a fantastic treat, espeically if you have someone to lick your penis clean!

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