Nestlè Chocolate Santa Cum CRUNCH

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It was no accident that I still had one chocolate Nestle CRUNCH Santa Claus left to eat.  What better way to eat it than to first cover it with a fresh load of warm cum?  And what better way to end the year than with a good cum on food post?  I must say, this one turned out pretty darn good!  This is the follow up to the recent Cum Frosting the Christmas Tree post.

I saw this candy while I was out shopping around.  It immediately caught my eye.  It was made of chocolate, yet everybody knows Santa needs a white (or off-white) beard.  I could feel that the candy inside the package had a little rim around its edge that should work great at containing as much cum as I could milk out on top of it.  Naturally, I had to buy it!  This is quite possibly the most perfect chocolate candy to ejaculate upon!

There are two way to look at this, either chocolate Santa gets his beard frosted with cum…, or… Santa gets a cum facial.  Either way, I could tell I was going to be dropping a large load of semen on this piece of candy.  I was certainly not disappointed!  I dropped a double edging of cummy goodness in rapid succession on top of that candy.

Keen observers of the video will notice that just prior to edging my first orgasm, I changed up the technique I commonly use to masturbate.  I switched to using my pre-cum to massage the underside of my penis.  This seemed to make it easier to resume masturbating again without getting any cum on my fingers in the process.  I was able to edge a second orgasm only seconds after the throbbing from the first orgasm subsided.  It felt pretty amazing as it made my entire body tremble.  I especially loved seeing how much warm sticky cum I was going to get to eat!

As I started to eat the cum covered Santa candy, I was so excited by all the cum, I kept trying to slurp it up.  I had to remind myself to also eat the candy!  I really just wanted to play with the cum in my mouth and savor the semen flavor.  I hope you enjoyed this final post of 2013 as much as I did!

The video is here on Xtube.

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