Another Muffin With Cum

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I started to eat a blueberry muffin when I had the sudden urge to ejaculate on top of it.  I had a nice pleasurable edging orgasm that yielded a few nice controlled squirts of semen.  The fresh cum added a delicious extra moistness that enhanced the flavor of the muffin.  Just before I started eating the muffin, now nicely glazed with my sperm infused topping, I thought I should take a few quick snapshots to share.


I eat a lot of muffins, and I cum on many of them.  I’ve posted my cum on a blueberry muffin before, but this is a different brand of muffin.  They always look so yummy with my cum on top that I always feel the need to take a picture to share.  Does it ever get boring seeing fresh cum on food?  I don’t think so.


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