Kit-Kat Cum #1

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Any guy can cum all over a Kit-Kat bar, but I wanted to do so with flair.  I wanted to create a cum-slide using the individual pieces of the candy bar.  The Kit-Kar bar naturally breaks up into four long wafer pieces.  I used two pieces to create a platform, then one to create the slide, and the last to create the landing pad.  The idea was that I would cum at the top of the slide and watch my cum slide down the length of the candy bar to the landing pad.  Then once the cum has slid down the candy, I would enjoy eating the nice cummy treat!

This first set of photos was my trial run.  I’m going to do this again, but I’m going to use two Kit-Kat bars  instead of just one so i can make the slide wider, and use the groove between pieces as the chute for the semen to slide down.  Using two pieces will also make it easier to ejaculate on the top with less risk of missing the target.  The landing pad will also be grooved using two pieces to better catch my cum at the bottom.  I’ll also video tape it next time instead of just capturing some photos afterwards.  On the video, I’ll be able to show how much fun it is eating the cum covered candy.  For now, I hope you enjoy this “work in progress” piece of cum art.  Stay tuned for the next installation!

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