Cum Frosting A Chocolate Christmas Tree

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Frosting a Christmas tree adds a nice decorative touch, so it only made sense to me to add my own frosting to a chocolate Christmas tree.  I had to shop around for the perfect tree first.  I found a nice little caramel filled chocolate Christmas tree at a nearby CVS pharmacy.

I edged out some cum, then spread it around using my finger.  It was just enough semen to cover the tree with garland made of my warm cum.  I did let a little cum dribble off the edge of the candy by accident.  Most of my cum though stayed on top where I could easily enjoy the added flavor.

After cumming on the tree, I got so turned on to eat it, that I forgot to take a couple hi-res photos to add to my cum on food puzzle page.  Oh well, I will have to do this again next year, if not sooner!

Video is viewable on Xtube here.


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