Sweet Potato Chips With A Penis

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Since the penis in a cup has turned out to be such a fun awesome success, I’ve started experimenting with a penis on a plate.  The goal is to be able to eat different types of food, served with my penis as part of the presentation of the meal.  Its there for artistic effect since obviously I’m not going to eat my penis.  In this case, I’m just testing out some different method of including my penis on a plate.  A paper plate full of potato chips is pretty easy to test with.  Eventually I’ll work out the mechanics and be able to use a better plate stacked upon a place setting, that can allow me to eat a full course meal, as long as it isn’t too hot!

These photos here show the results of my initial experimentation.  I’ll improve over time, and perhaps include a method for adding some fresh cum during the meal.

Would you eat food if it was served with a penis?
No! That is so inappropriate and disgusting!
Maybe, depends on the situation.
I would, but only from the edge without touching the penis.
Yes! It would be fun to eat food served this way!
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