Can Eating Bacon Diminish Sperm Quality?

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  “Processed meat was associated with lower sperm concentration and morphology,”

Oh no, a recent Harvard University study has shown a link between bacon (and other processed meats) and diminished sperm quality.  This is bad news for couples trying to conceive, and for anyone who enjoys eating good quality sperm!  The study did have some good news for sperm eaters though… it seems that white fish meat can improve sperm quality and dark fish can improve sperm quantity.

Okay, so maybe it is not easy to taste the difference between good quality sperm and not so good quality sperm.  This is especially true considering actual sperm cells make up only a small portion of the semen in a normal ejaculation.  So while I like to think I’m eating good quality sperm whenever I ejaculate on my food, I also enjoy eating bacon.

There is some good news though from the study.  It seems certain types of fish can improve both the quality and the quantity of sperm.

According to the research, white meat fish like cod and halibut were associated with a higher percentage of normal sperm. Salmon, tuna and other dark meat fish, on the other hand, were related to a higher total sperm count.

So while the taste of the sperm might not be very noticeable, the color certainly is.  Sperm, by increasing the viscosity of the semen, gives semen its off whitish color, until it breaks down and turns clear.  It stands to reason that a higher volume of higher quality sperm would make a load of fresh semen look even more delicious.  I can’t give up eating bacon, or sperm, so I wonder if there is such a thing as fish bacon?  If there is, I will definitely have to cum on it before eating it!

Here is the link to the full article on Huffington Post:

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