Cum On Hostess Cupcake

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This Hostess cupcake needed cum on top.  So I added some.  First I had a little fun posing with my penis on top of it, as if my penis “pwned” the cupcake.  Then I dropped a load of fresh cup on top before eating it.  It tasted better than I ever remember Hostess cupcakes tasting.  The cream filling inside was a nice compliment to the creamy topping on the outside.

This was also a test of some new lighting equipment I recently purchased.  The first few photos were taken with a digital camera using the built-in flash.  The remaining lower resolution photos were captured from the video.  They were taken using the set lighting.  Clearly I need to ramp up the wattage on the bulbs.  This was fun and tasty, as you can tell from the video here on XTube.



I just love the little artistic spill-over of my cum.  Even though this was not a full orgasm, it was still a good amount of cum.  I don’t normally like to let any dribble over the side of my food, but in this case, I think it looks like frosting on a cinnamon roll.  I’m sure you’ll agree, it looks delicious!!!  And I did not let any of it go to waste!

So here is the full set of photos as captured from the video, that include me eating the cupcake topped with my cum.  I may add an animated gif of my cumshot later at some point.

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