Blueberry Yogurt In A Penis Cup

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This photo set is from several months ago.  I never got around to posting these because I never thought it was a very interesting series of photos.  I know I can and will do much better.  I’m posting them now so I will have something to compare against when I add more penis parfaits in the near future.  That and I really do enjoy eating food this way.

This is a simpler version of my Penis Parfait.  I’ve done this often enough now that I no longer get an erection just by sticking my penis into the cup.  I love feeling the cold yogurt as it slides down and covers my shaft.  The sensation makes me get hot and hard before I can even finish pouring all the yogurt.

By the time I’ve added all the yogurt to the cup, I have a raging hard-on.  The cold yogurt on my penis definitely gets my attention, but my throbbing cock soon warms the yogurt.  I love the way the spoon feels as it slides along my erection, each time lightly scooping off another mouthful of yogurt that has been warmed up by the pulsating heat of my penis.  The only way this could be more fun would be if I were flexible enough to lick penis clean afterwards.

One of my fantasies is to try eating this way in a social setting, passing the spoon around, perhaps with a couple other guys or couples where we all get to sample different penis parfaits.  Wouldn’t that be a fun game to play?

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