Taco Bell Penis Fun

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Thought I’d share the results of some of the test photos I took.  I was looking for some interesting ways to have fun with Taco Bell food and wanted to see how well various foods looked in photos with my penis.

First up was a hard shell taco.  Putting my penis inside a taco sounded like a good idea.  There were a few problems with this however.  First the taco was either too small, or my penis was too big.  I had to remove some of the produce in the taco to make space for my penis, then the shell was too brittle to really push my penis into the taco.


Another issue, as you can see in these photos, I did not have a good camera angle.  These photo make my penis look unflatteringly small, although I wasn’t fully erect.  With a full erection, it was too difficult to place my penis firmly in the taco without the risk of the taco breaking.  I think the only real option for using a taco as a sex toy would be to simply cum on or inside of it.  I’ll do that another time.

Next up was Taco Bell’s Beefy Cheesy Burrito.  For the burrito, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, so I just started playing around with it so see what happens.  I knew that the color of the tortilla made it pointless to just cum on top of the burrito since the cum would be difficult to see against the white tortilla.  I really wanted to find out what it would feel like shoving my penis inside the warm cheesy beefy burrito.


You can see from the photos that I chose to take a bite out of each end of the burrito, then stick my hard penis inside it.  As I worked my penis deeper and deeper inside the burrito, the filling would get pushed out through the hole on top. I used the spoon to catch and eat the beefy cheesy goodness that my penis was pushing out.

The warm burrito felt pretty awesome around my penis, and I could have easily reached an orgasm, but I would have had nowhere to deposit my cum.  As a result, I decided not to cum just yet, and to instead continue eating the burrito in between strokes.

This would have been even more fun if I had someone to lick my penis clean in between strokes!


I think the next time I try playing with a burrito, I’m only going to bite off only one end of the burrito, then I’ll spoon out some of the contents so I room to cum inside of it.  It’ll be fun eating the burrito after I’ve deposited my semen inside it.

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