Annie’s Cheddar Mac-n-Cheese Shells with Cum and Piss

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This is my second mac-n-cheese post, but this time I added *both* fresh urine and fresh semen to the recipe.  It turned out perfect, and tasted fabulous.  This has become my preferred recipe for making macaroni and cheese, even if I don’t bother to record it.  I had a lot of fun with this!  I will have to do more with cum and piss together.

For this recipe, after mixing in the butter and only a little milk, I added some fresh urine straight from the tap.  I didn’t bother with a measure cup, so I just guessed at about how much I could pee into the bowl of macaroni.  Once I added what seemed like enough pee, I mixed in the cheese mix.

I stirred in the cheese mix for a bit, then it was time to ejaculate into the mac-n-cheese.  I wanted to edge enough to get a good visual squirt or two of cum shooting into the bowl, but also wanted to save my full orgasm for later in case I wanted to add my cum to something else I wanted to eat.  My edging worked out to perfection!!  I shot two nice sized squirts of semen into the cheesy pasta shells.

After stirring the cum into the mix a little, it was time to enjoy eating.  Yum!  Mac-n-cheese never tasted so good!


The full 5 minute long video is available here on XTube, but I also made some animated gifs below.

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