Cum Glazed Fig Newton, Part 2

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This is the short story of what happened to the second Fig Newton in the two cookie package.  If you missed part one, you can catch up here; Cum Glazed Fig Newton, Part 1.

This time around I learned from my experience in Part 1.  I flipped the Fig Newton upside down.  That made the target surface concave instead of convex.  The slightly inward sloping sides of the cookie would naturally contain my semen, thus preventing the mishap from Part 1.


As you can clearly see from the photos, I ejaculated considerably more cum this time than I did on the first Fig Newton.  There was no need for me to spread the sperm around with my tongue, though that certainly would have been fun!


As I posed with the cum topped cookie in my mouth, I thought about letting the warm cum pour down my tongue.  My mouth was watering with anticipation.  As I bit into the cookie, I could feel the semen spreading inside my mouth.  I rolled the bite of Fig Newton around in my mouth enjoying the flavor of my cum before chewing the cookie and swallowing it all down.


The next bite had less semen, and it had started soaking into the cookie by then.  I could totally taste the extra cummy moistness of the cookie.  It was delicious!

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