Cereal Bar with Orgasm for Breakfast

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Having an orgasm with breakfast is always a good way to start the day.  While shopping at the store the other day I spotted these Eating Right brand blueberry cereal bars.  They looked like they would be fun and tasty to eat with cum on top of them, which is of course the right way to eat them.

I love how this photo makes my penis look so huge!

When I bought these cereal bars, I chose them specifically because I thought they would be fun to cum on.  I did not realize they would be so small.  They only have space on top to hold about half of a full ejaculation.  I didn’t want to waste any of my delicious cum so I contained myself to edging only once.  I edged out a couple of good squirts of semen across the top of the cereal bar.

Eating the cereal bar topped with my cum was a nice tasty treat.  I could definitely taste the flavor of my semen mixing in with the blueberry.  Yum!


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