Celebrating National “Cum On” Donut Day 2013

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For this year’s National Cum On Donut Day I chose two donuts to add my cum to; first a Boston Creme, then a Marble Glazed.  I certainly felt a wave of naughtiness come over me while at the counter of the donut shop.  I was there taking my time, surveying all the various donuts.  Other people in line had to wait while I pondered which donuts would look best with my cum on top.

Once I got back home, I first had a little fun teasing the donuts with my penis.  I really enjoy capturing the juxtaposition of my penis with food.  They are two things you wouldn’t normally expect to see together.  I considering trying to insert my penis inside the Boston Creme donut, but I though that might be too messy and not photograph well.  Maybe for another post I’ll do a creme filling replacement… hint, hint.  😉

So after a bit of fun, it was time to get down to business.  I dropped a nice size load and almost edged myself too far.  Unfortunately I didn’t account for the slick surface of the donuts and my cum initially rolled right off onto the paper towel.  I had to quickly grab a spoon and put it back on top.  This also presented a bit of a problem trying to eat the cum-topped donut.  As a result I missed capturing the photos with the majority of splooge sliding into my mouth.

There was definitely a lot of cum going into my mouth.  In fact, since the semen rolled off the donut onto my tongue, the first thing I tasted was my cum.  That was followed by a nice blend of slightly bittersweet chocolate flavor that could only be the result of my cum mixing with the milk chocolate topping.  Even as I got to the creme filling, I could still taste my cum flavor with each bite.

Next up was the Marble Glazed donut.  This time I prepared by cutting a slight groove into the donut where I planned to ejaculate.  I was also less concerned about keeping myself from stroking over the edge this time.  I dropped a very impressive load of cum on the donut.  Most of it stayed where I intended, but there was so much cum that some of it started dripping down the side of the narrow donut.  I again had to rush the photos trying to eat it before it rolled off.  As soon as I picked up the donut to eat it, a long and thick string of cum started sliding off the donut.  I had to quickly catch it with my tongue and couldn’t photograph as much of the cummy donut going into my mouth as I had planned.  Still, there are some nice photos.

I would call this year’s National Cum On Donut Day a total success!  I really enjoyed making these photos.  The orgasms were fantastic, and eating my cum tasted awesome!  Despite the minor photography mishaps, I still took way too many photos to weave them all into the text, so I’m adding them all to a gallery below.  You can decide which photos are the best!

Enjoy!  And let me know how your National Cum On Donut Day went for you!!

Did you celebrate National Cum On Donut Day?
I do not, and will not celebrate cum on donut day.
I missed it this year, but I will not miss it next year!
I totally shot a load of cum on a donut!
I enjoyed eating a donut topped with fresh cum! Hooray!
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