Using Urine to Bathe and Wash Green Seedless Grapes

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Fresh fruit should always be rinsed before being eaten to remove any debris and possible residue from insecticides.  Well, I took it a step further.  After rinsing the grapes, I plucked them from the vine and put them into a bowl.  Since urine is essentially sterile, why not use it as a cleaning solution?

I had to be careful peeing on the grapes because if the stream was too strong it would start to splash all over the counter.  Not a big deal since it is easy to wipe up, but I didn’t want to pee on the counter, I wanted to keep it contained to the bowl.  I had just enough pee in my bladder to almost completely immerse the grapes.

Grapes are best eaten while chilled.  I was a little concerned the warm pee would warm them up, but the pee cooled quickly allowing the grapes to stay cool and crisp.  They were also nicely moistened by the urine.  They tasted just like normal, except they seemed to be extra juicy.  There was almost no taste of the urine unless I sucked on the grape first before eating it.

I was really surprised how dirty the urine was after eating all the grapes.  I had rinsed the grapes in the sink pretty well before putting them in the bowl.  Initially I had thought I might drink the urine afterwards, but after seeing how dirty it was, and knowing there might be residue from insecticides in there, I opted to just pour it down the drain.  Eating grapes this way might now become standard practice for me.

While you can easily eat the pee soaked grapes with your fingers, I chose to use a fork so I would not get urine on everything I touched.  Toothpicks would probably be the best way to eat these, especially if you put them out at a party or potluck.


I look forward to try eating other types of fruits bathed in urine like this!

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