Oreo Cum Surprise

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Oreo cookies are like a magnet for semen.  Whether cumming on top or inside, they are a classic cookie that is even better with fresh cum.  The dark color offers good contrast when cumming on top of the cookie, but I wanted to be a little more creative.  I wanted to cum inside the cookie in a way that was hidden.  The goal was to not be able to distinguish the cummed cooked with other non-cummed cookies.

I started by carefully removing one of the cookies and cutting out a hole in the cream filling.  The hole has to be large enough to contain a nice amount of semen, but also leave enough of the filling to hold the cookie again afterwards.

You can see that the hole I cut out would not be big enough for a typical ejaculation of semen to stay inside it, so I would have to be careful to control my orgasm to edge out just enough cum to fill the hole.

Here are a couple hi-res photos of my cum edging out just perfectly into the Oreo.


After dropping a very pleasurable load of sperm into the cookie, all that remains to do is to replace the cookie on top and I’ve got my Oreo Cum Surprise cookie.


Now that I have my Oreo with a nicely hidden cum filled surprise, its time to place it with the other regular Oreo cookies and enjoy the treat.  Can you guess which cookie has the cum inside?


I’ve uploaded a video of all the Oreo cum fun to both XTube.com, and YuVuTu.com.

Would you be upset to learn you secretly ate cum?
Not at all. I want more!
No, its a fantasy of mine to eat cum unknowingly.
I would not care, but I would not want to ever find out.
I would not be happy about it, but I would not over-react.
I would throw up immediately, and there would be consequences!
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