Cum Glazed Fig Newton, Part 1

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The individual sized package of Fig Newtons includes two long fig newton cookies.  This is what happened to the first one in the package…


You can clearly see in the photo where I’m ejaculating that the Fig Newton is very smooth and has a slight convex shape.  The first shot of cum landed on the cookie, but then immediately rolled off the edge.  It gave me a real surprise while I was still cumming, since normally I’m pretty good at keeping my cum on the target.


In the video, you will see that I quickly used a butter knife to push the cum that spilled back onto the Fig Newton.  I managed to save most of it before it got soaked up into the paper towel.

This was also my third time of the night edging out cum onto some food.  This cum was noticeably thicker than when I shot a load onto the Big Mac earlier.  As I squeezed it out of my penis, it landed in little splotches of sperm.


Now for the cummy deliciousness.  I used my tongue to spread the clumps of cum around the cookie more evenly, then it only took three tasty bites to eat the cummed cookie.

The video is posted both here on XTube and here on YuVuTu.

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