Pee Soaked Salad

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I had a request for more pee video posts, so here is one of my best so far.

Recently I’ve discovered that I really love eating salads completely soaking in fresh urine.  I’m not talking about just a little sprinkling of pee across the top, but fully soaking the salad such that it has to be eaten with a spoon out of a bowl.  It takes at least 10-12 ounces of urine to turn an average sized salad into a Pho style soup.

I’ve done this several times and each time I am really surprised by how crispy the salad is when soaked in pee.  It never really loses its crispness.  Also, the urine mixes well with most salad dressings and seems to only enhance the flavor of every bite!

On this particular occasion, I also had a wine glass on hand so I could enjoy sipping my golden nectar while eating my pee salad.  The video is a bit long, but I definitely enjoyed making it.  The video link is after the photos.  Enjoy.

Have you ever added your pee to your food?
Yes, as an ingredient only.
Yes, but only as a topping.
Yes, I have cooked with Pee, and peed on food.
No, but I want to try it!
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Here is the link to the video on XTube.

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