Xmas Cum: Chocolate Eclair

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This is my final post from my Xmas cum fest.  I think I saved the best for last too!  Not only was this fun to make, but it was a lot of fun to eat, with a good amount of fresh yummy cum on top.

This was a cream filled eclair from the local 7-11.  I made it special by adding my own organic creamy topping.  I was already super horny from eating a bunch of cum topped treats.  I brought myself to the edge of orgasm just perfectly.  It felt so good and it was tremendously arousing to watch my cum as it pumped out of my throbbing penis onto the food I was about to eat.  I made sure to get every last drop out of my shaft before I started eating it.  It took a good four bites to eat all the cum!

Visually, this was a good choice of food to cum on.  The cum really stands out well, making it look all the more tasty!  The best snapshots are below, including an animated image.  There is also link to the video at the bottom of the page.

Here is the link to the video on XTube.

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