Pee Jello

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They missed a variation on the “Special Twist”… urine!

This was not my original idea, but it was something I just had to try… making jello with urine instead of using any water.  It makes sense, why not?

I was using a package of sugar-free jello, which only called for 2 cups of water.  On my first attempt, I decided to replace one of the cups with fresh urine.  That turned out great, so now on my second attempt, I decided to replace the water entirely with my fresh pee.  This meant I would have to microwave my urine to heat it up enough so the gelatin would fully dissolve.  It also meant I would have to supply 2 cups of fresh urine.

I waited until I felt a strong need to pee.  I pee’d into the measuring cup, and put it in the microwave.  I nuked my urine for only about 1 minute and it came out steaming hot.  The jello mix had no trouble dissolving into the hot urine.  I then tried to pee another full cup of urine into the measuring cup, but could only supply about 3/4 cup.  That was enough though.  I mixed it in and set the bowl in the fridge to set.

1 pkg jello mix, 2 cups fresh pee, mix, chill, and serve. Yum!

A couple of hours later, the pee based jello was nice and gelatinous.  Eating jello made with my piss was erotic.  I could barely make out the taste of my pee in the cherry flavored jello.  It tasted quite delicious, and if I hadn’t known that it was made with pee, I probably would not have guessed.

I will definitely be doing this more often.

Have you ever added your pee to your food?
Yes, as an ingredient only.
Yes, but only as a topping.
Yes, I have cooked with Pee, and peed on food.
No, but I want to try it!
No way, that is just gross.
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