Xmas Cum: Rice Krispies Treat

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This was fun one.  I really enjoyed photographing my penis resting on top of the rice krispy treat.  I guess I just enjoy having my penis touching my food.  I’ll have to start a new category around this topic.

Since I was planning on cumming multiple times yet today, I had to be careful not to go over the edge when cumming.  I almost went too far, barely holding back a full orgasm.

I pumped out a nice juicy load of cum on the treat.  Unfortunately, the cum doesn’t stand out well against the color of the rice krispy treat.  Even more unfortunate is that I messed up the recording process, turning my camcorder off instead of on just as I was about to cum.  I completely missed recording the cumshot.  I also failed to take any hi-res photos of the cum on the treat.  I will have to describe the cum shot in detail instead.

This cumshot was a juicy one.  I was highly aroused before I started.  As I approached an orgasm, I could feel the cum swelling up through the base of my penis.  I almost went too far.  Just as I let go, I started to cum.  The first shot of cum was a large amount.  It was thin and spread out quickly over the rice krispy treat.  The next shot was a little thicker and oozed more slowly at it filled into the all the cracks and crevasses of the rice krispies.  The third and final shot of cum rolled out of my penis and created a nice little mound of cum.

I again used my tongue to spread the cum around a bit, but most of it was concentrated on the corner of the treat.  It was starting to run off the sides of the treat so I wasted no time eating it.  I took a nice big bite out of the corner where the most cum had settled.  If you look closely in the photo, you can kinda see some of the remaining cum on top of the treat.

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