The Banana Condom

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First try keeping a banana peel wrapped around my penis.

Bananas are a lot of fun to play with, but did you know the peels also have health benefits?  Recent studies have shown there are benefits to applying a banana peel to your skin.  Some of the reported benefits of banana peels include treating psoriasis, warts, bruises, mosquito bites, acne, wrinkles, and general good skin care.  Here are some of the websites for more info:

These studies got me to thinking… why not wrap a banana peel around my penis?  It’s sorta like a facial mask, but for my penis.  Seems like a natural fit given the shape of bananas.  This sounded like too much fun and I just had to try it immediately!

Banana peel cut to length, held in place with rubber bands.

I grabbed a banana, and wrapped the peel around my penis.  It felt exciting and cool to the touch at first.  It didn’t take long before my throbbing hard-on warmed up the banana peel.  Stroking with a banana peel feels amazing!  I highly recommend it to everyone.  I knew that if I was going to keep the peel on my penis for any length of time, I would have to free up my hands or I’d inevitably start masturbating, and once I start, it feels too awesome to stop!

My goal was to find a way to have a banana peel held in place around my penis whether flaccid or erect, without using my hands.  This would allow me to walk around clothed or naked, indoors or out, with a banana peel around my penis.  How much fun would that be!!

This method of keeping the banana peel in place ended up being the best.

So the first problem I encountered was that I needed a way to hold the banana peel in place around my penis so I wouldn’t have to use my hand to keep it there.  Fortunately, I had a pair of small rubber bands nearby.  They worked quite well.  I was able to fasten the banana peel around my shaft, hands free as long as I maintained an erection.

The rubber bands worked fine, but eventually I would get soft and the banana peel would fall off.  I needed a better solution.  I wanted to go out in public with a banana peel wrapped around my penis.  I tried cutting the banana peel to fit better on my penis.  The thinking was that the excess weight might not pull it off when I would get soft.

Using a condom to hold the banana peel in place.

This worked okay at first.  I was able to go about my business doing household chores with the banana peel held nicely in place around my penis.  As I would cycle between soft and hard, I would have to manually adjust the peel to keep in snug.  That was fine for around the house, but I wanted to go out in public.  Reaching down my pants to continually adjust a banana peel was not what I had in mind.

Next I tried using Saran wrap to hold it in place.  This didn’t work out so well.  It work initially, but the Saran wrap didn’t cling well enough, and I would have to put the rubber bands on anyway.  It was also quite tricky to hold the banana peel in place while trying to wrap Saran wrap around it.

My final idea was to use a condom over the banana peel.  I pulled out a fresh condom, and slipped it over the banana peel wrapped around my shaft.  This worked about as well as the rubber bands, but was more of a hassle since the condom was a lubricated condom.  The rubber bands are reusable.

I decided the rubber bands were ultimately, for now, the best approach.  All I had to do next was to give it a try out in public.  I figured a quick trip to 7-11 was in order.  I applied the banana peel to my penis, put my pants on, and headed out the door.  First thing I discovered is that sitting in the car caused the peel to bunch up a bit, and it would not stay on.  Additionally, it created a rather large bulge in my pants.  I wasn’t worried about the bulge, as I could just wear sweatpants or a large shirt to hide it if I felt I needed to.  All in all, it didn’t work out so well out in public.  It just would not stay in place.  Walking around, the friction from my clothing would dislodge the banana.  Oh well, it’s still fun to wear the banana peel on my penis around the house.  Sure makes doing chores less boring.  Plus, it usually ends with an awesome orgasm, and it’s healthy too!

I’ve done this often enough now that I’m started to get aroused a little every time I peel a banana, and I find myself seeking out the fattest bananas I can find (because they fit better) when I go shopping.  If anyone else tries something like this, please feel free to share your story.

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