Donut on a Penis

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Putting a doughnut on your penis is something probably every guy has at least thought about doing once in their life.  I went ahead and gave it a try, even though I had nobody to eat it off.  I was just having a little fun with my penis, that is, until the doughnut fell off on to the floor.  I had been planning to cum on it until that happened.  I’ll try again at some point, but I think I’ll try to double up with two doughnuts on my penis next time.

I shopped around at a couple different donut shops, but couldn’t find any that had a donut hole big enough for my penis to fit through.  I ended up with just a 7-11 donut and cutting out the center a bit to make it wide enough to slip on.  I was having fun, as you can see from all the pre-cum!

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