Cum Topped Pumpkin Pie

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Normally I enjoy whipped cream on my pumpkin pie, but not this time.  Before I started stroking, I carved out the words “CUM HERE” onto the slice of pie.  A fresh load of warm semen made a nice glazed topping.  This was an okay sized load, but could have been bigger if I hadn’t already edged out a similar size load into a smoothie I drank earlier in the day.

Before grabbing the fork and eating up the nice cum covered desert, I felt like having a little fun with my penis first.  I drove my still hard penis into the pie, creating a nicely shaped mold of the head of my shaft into the front of the slice.

After taking several pictures of my nice load of cum, I used the fork to spread it around a little.  It filled in the grooves of the letters I carved into the pie nicely.  Finally, after I was finished mashing it up with my penis, I grabbed the fork and ate it up.  The bites covered in cum tasted the best!

Enjoy the photos…

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