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V8 is a great drink, with 2 full servings of veggies in each serving.  It is also a good drink for mixing.  V8   works well when mixing with urine because it is strong enough that you can mix in a substantial amount of pee without much impact on the taste.  This drink is a good one for people who either aren’t ready to drink urine straight, or just prefer not to taste it so much.  For this “recipe”, I recommend using Original V8.  If you will be using V8 Splash, I would limit the amount of urine to no more than 1/4 glass as it may impact the taste too much.

1/2 glass fresh urine
1/2 glass Original V8

Add fresh urine to a normal sized glass.  If using stronger urine
such as your morning midstream, limit to 1/3 glass.

Next, add V8 to fill the glass.  No need to stir.  The V8 will mix
nicely with your fresh urine on its own.

Here is the photo set showing how I made this, along with a How-To video on Xtube.  Wink

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