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Semen Therapy is swallowing semen from a healthy man, three times a week or more, for the benefits to your body, mind and spirit.

This is more than just a website.  There is also a yahoo group associated with this website where users can discuss the topic as well as try to make connections between donors and receivers of semen.

The obvious focus of the site is to promote the benefits of ingesting fresh healthy semen.  The site accomplishes this with a blog style series of news articles, while also providing quite a bit of specific details about semen.  For example, there is a very robust breakdown of what compounds are in semen.

The site makes no real distinction between men and women eating semen, which is good news for those receivers who like to self-donate.

The site takes is premise seriously and you’ll find practically no images on the site at all.  However, reading all the articles about the benefits of eating cum can be quite exciting on its own.  More than just stimulating your imagination, its worth perusing.

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