No Milk Mac-n-Cheese

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Tonight I decided to make some mac-n-cheese for dinner, but I didn’t have any milk.  No problem!  I’ll just use fresh urine instead.  Only 1/4 cup was needed, but I could have easily added more pee.  It turned out perfect.  Very delicious!  I could taste a hint of cheesy pissy goodness with each bite.  The taste of the urine must have been strengthened by the hot pasta, giving every spoonful an intriguing aftertaste.

Something else I noticed was that the texture seemed a little different.  It felt cheesier, if that makes any sense.  Using urine instead of milk made it seem less watered down.  It was like a fancier version of the traditional box of mac-n-cheese.  I’ll definitely be making it this way more often, maybe with some bread crumbs on top next time.

Have you ever added your pee to your food?
Yes, as an ingredient only.
Yes, but only as a topping.
Yes, I have cooked with Pee, and peed on food.
No, but I want to try it!
No way, that is just gross.
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Here is the photo series, and the video is on xtube.

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