Testing the “Semen-2-Go” Cumtainer

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Adding another load to the cumtainer.

Now that I have several loads saved up in my new favorite cum storage container, I thought I’d post an update on the progress and my thoughts on the product thus far.  You can find the original review of the product, Dressing-2-Go, at this link.

The photo at the left show me adding another fresh load of cum to the “cumtainer”, as I call it now.  I have about only 8 loads in there.  They were all big loads, where I was able to fully drain all the cum from my balls and shaft, squeezing out every last drop.  As you can see the cumtainer is starting to look kinda full.  What you can’t see is that there is a good-sized air pocket at the bottom from when I started storing my cum with the air squeezed out of the cumtainer.

In my initial review, I suggesting squeezing the air out before freezing, to help limit oxidation and frost build up.  In hindsight, that probably makes little difference, and ends up allowing the semen to freeze in a concave shape, leaving the air pocket at the bottom, and thus reducing the overall amount of semen you can store.

Apart from that small misstep on my part, this “toy” has been loads of fun, literally.  Now that it is nearly filled to capacity, I’m starting to think about what I want to do with all that cum.  I’m thinking I might use one of the recipes in the book Natural Harvest.  I could thaw it out then take it out for lunch someplace where I can order a salad to pour it on.  Or, I might try something creative with it.  So many possibilities!  I need to get started soon filling up another one while I plan out how to enjoy all the cum in this one!

Oct 2015 Update:  While this cumtainer is great for taking cum out with you in public, I’ve since found that I prefer using a different type of container for my cum storage needs at home.  I have a post about it here.  I tend to favor the newer one because it is easier to clean and track how many loads of cum are in it.  It is also listed as the preferred storage container for the aspiring cum chef.

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