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Very active site with lots of group forums with lots of member contributed photos on a wide range of topics, however the site is mostly oriented toward making personal connections for swinging.  In this regard the site is very successful.   A paid membership is required to interact with others on the site, and you will need to be “verified” by another verified member before you can gain access to most of the photos.  There are some groups with lots of cum shot photos, but not much creative fun with cum, nor much of anything with pee.

From a pure swinging perspective, this is a good site to join.  The site offers chat room, blogging, and a good listing of events, both local and national.  Creating a profile on the site can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to provide answers all profile questions, just those you feel are important to you.  Most of the advertising on the site is focused on the main page, so navigating the site is a simple enough without getting flooded with distracting advertisements.

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