Pee on Dinner: Pasta with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes.

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I’ve been overdue for a pee on food video.  I’ve been planning this one out for a little while now.  I took a nicely steamed chicken breast, cut up over a bed of pasta and baby spinach with organic marinara sauce on top.  I then added a few sun-dried tomatoes.  Finally, to top it all off, I pee’d all over it.

The fresh urine mixed in well with the sauce.  I thought peeing on the food might make it too watery, but it turned out perfect as the sauce was a little thick to begin with.  The meal would have been too dry had I not added fresh urine.  I’m not sure the pee altered the taste much, but it sure did taste delicious!  I drank a full glass of fresh warm pee beforehand, and I knew my piss would taste good since I’ve been eating well all today.

Enjoy the gallery, and the video I posted on YuVuTu.

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