Cobb salad covered with piss

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I was in the mood, …to pee on some food.  I had a small Cobb salad in the fridge I needed to eat before it expired.  I thought, why not piss on it before I eat it?  Sounds like fun right?  So that is what I did.  I added some croutons, then opened the pee valve and drenched the salad in warm fresh urine.

The pee taste was not very strong since I’d been drinking fluids all day, but I could definitely notice the mild hint of pee.  The taste of pee was stronger as I got toward the end since the pee had collected in the bottom of the container.  As I ate the salad, the last several bites were very juicy.  Some of the croutons were even soggy from soaking up the pee.  I thought that was interesting as I was eating them.

Overall it was a fun alternative to just another boring salad.  I never really considered peeing on salad before, only cumming on it.  Now I think I will be wanting to pee on my salads all the time.  Maybe I’ll even do both one of these days. Smile

Here is the link to the video on XTube.

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