Chocolate Chip Cookie with Cum on Top

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I saw this cookie for sale at the Whole Foods checkout.  I thought it might be good with cum on top so I tossed it in the shopping basket.  Later when I got home, it was time for a cum covered chocolate chip cookie treat.  Just before I started to record the video, it occurred to me that I should warm up the cookie first in the microwave.  Normally that is the best way to eat chocolate chip cookies, but as it turns out, I probably should not have done that.

With the nice warm cookie on the plate before me, I began masturbating.  I wanted to make sure I could  produce a lot of semen to fully cover the cookie.  I masturbated slowly, bringing myself to the edge of an orgasm, then stopped, allowing a small dribble of semen to drip on to the center of the cookie.  This was the first of four edges.  Each time I would bring myself to the brink, I would stop just in time to allow a squirt or two of cum to roll out of my penis on to the cookie.  Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer and fully ejaculated to a state of culinary bliss.

Now, with my cookie covered in fresh warm cum, it was time to enjoy eating my treat.  This is where preheating the cookie in the microwave created a challenge.  The cookie was too soft to pick up.  It broke apart while trying to eat it, allowing the cum to roll off on to the plate.  It got a little messy as the warm cum mixed with pieces of melted chocolate.  It all tasted great, for sure, but some of the cum got left on the plate, a waste in my book.  In hindsight, I should have just licked the plate clean!

I posted the video on both XTube and YuVuTu for your enjoyment.

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