Why I Drink Pee

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The main reason I drink my pee is that besides being fun to do, it always seems to boost my libido.  It’s like cheap Viagra, I always seem to get multiple good long erections when drinking urine.

When drinking my urine straight from a glass, I have found that the taste of it varies greatly based on how well I’ve been eating.  The more fruits and vegetables I eat, the better the pee tastes.  Protein has more of an opposite effect, as do processed junk foods, so I really only drink piss when I’ve been eating well, and preferably while it’s still warm.

Some people believe drinking their morning urine has therapeutic effects.  I do not consider myself a Urine Therapy (UT) practitioner, even though I occasionally do drink some of my morning midstream pee.  I once tried UT by doing a urine fast, where I drank nothing but my urine and water for three days straight without eating.  When the urine started getting too salty, I would skip drinking that, but otherwise I drank everything else I passed.  I did that to see if I could.  I saw something on the news about people who survived by drinking their urine for several days after an earthquake.  Since then, I occasionally get a taste for my pee, so I just fill a glass to sip on.

As for the merits of Urine Therapy, I’m not fully sold on the science of it.  The UT practitioners are quite devoted, and include some famous, well-respected people.  They make some fantastic claims, but in my world, fantastic claims require fantastic evidence.  I can understand the difficulties in trying to perform good quality studies that require funding and lots of volunteers willing to drink their piss everyday.  Despite the lack of concrete evidence though, I think it is clear there are some good things in urine that are beneficial when either ingested or rubbed into the skin.  The question is to what extent.  The advantage of many people drinking their pee everyday is that it validates the claim that pee is safe to drink.

Sometimes if I’m feeling both horny and kinky, I also will experiment with peeing on food.  I’ve pee’d in juice, soup, cereal (hot and cold), salads, smoothies, pasta, and more.  I find it exciting to see the warm stream travel from my penis onto my food.  Eating the food knowing my pee is mixed into it is very arousing even though I usually can’t taste the piss very much once mixed into the food.

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