Product Review: Dressing-2-Go

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Started filling it the day I bought it.  This is two loads so far.

Started filling it the day I bought it. This is two loads so far.

A better name for this product would be “Semen-2-Go”!

While out shopping recently, I stumbled across an exciting new product.  (At least it was new to me since I’d never seen it before.)  At first glance I thought it was some type of first-aid ice pack, but it was too small, and in the kitchen supplies isle.  Looking at it more closely I began to realize just how awesome this product truly is.  The product is called “Dressing-2-Go” and it is designed to hold up to 2 oz. of salad dressing.  It only costs a few dollars at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, so I bought two of them and started filling one right away.

With the cap unscrewed, I could squeeze out the air, then put my penis over the fill hole.  The small vacuum that creates is enough suction to help keep it in place while masturbating.  It is really nice being able to fully drain all my cum without needing to be concerned about dripping any on the floor or worrying about over-shooting the target.  So far as of this post I have deposited two full loads without any mess.

Here are the reasons this is such a great product for the cum-eating community:

  • Easy to cum into without spilling a drop.
  • Air can be squeezed out before freezing to reduce oxidation for improved semen preservation.
  • Tight seal keeps frost from forming on your semen.
  • Easy de-frosting by dropping it into warm water.
  • Easy to travel with, so you can use your own semen as a low carb topping at restaurants.
  • Less concern for discretion in public since semen is so similar to various salad dressings.

This is from the product manufacturer:

Please let me know in the comments if you buy one of these and put it to use. Have fun!

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