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Welcome to my blog!

Why create this blog?
This blog allows me to creatively explore my artistic desire to have fun with my penis, cum, and piss.  These desires include cumming and peeing on food, eating my cumdrinking my pee, and just having fun with my penis in creative and artistic ways that usually involve food and drink.  I really enjoy the art of seeing my penis juxtaposed with food, and seeing cum and urine added to everyday food and drink as if it were completely normal and commonplace.

This blog serves as a personal archive for me to record and re-live my fetish experiences.  Sharing these experiences with others has been very gratifying and motivating.  I’ve learned a lot about myself, while also acquiring some new technical skills.  Getting feedback in the form of comments affirms that its okay to enjoy the all natural pleasures that come from my penis.  It is my hope that others will also feel this same affirmation to enjoy exploring their cum and/or urine fetishes.

Is this blog a porn site?
Yes and no.  Definitely NSFW.  I suppose technically it is porn, of an extreme nature.  Unlike a typical porn site though, this blog is not just a photo archive of models having sex.  There are plenty of places for people to find that.  Most of the content on this site is my own original work.  I do re-post a few images I find on other sites, but only those that I personally find intriguing, or that fit the overall theme of the blog.  With that in mind, I would prefer to consider this site an art blog since the content is not solely intended for titillation like a porn site.  I try to be more thought provoking in a provocative sort of way.

Who is this blog for?
This blog is not just for others who may share some or all of the same fetish interests that I have, but also for those who may be just curious and looking for confirmation that it is okay to pursue their cum and piss desires.  Sometimes knowing there are many others with similar interests can make it easier to accept that your own desires are normal.  Others who may be repulsed by the idea of mixing cum and piss with food might still find the shock value entertaining in a nasty sort of way.  That’s fine too.

Creating this blog has been an incredibly fun and liberating experience!
With this site, I’ve been able to fully explore my interests in cum eating and pee drinking in a safe and uninhibited manner.  I can be as extreme and creative as I can and want to be with my cum and piss.  I’ve learned a lot about my sexuality, as well as various skills involving blogging, social media, video editing, and photography.  I hope the viewers of this blog enjoy this site as much as I do.  I welcome suggestions for things to add or improve, as well as requests for things to add.  Have fun!

Privacy:  I value individual privacy and discretion, so please feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts without fear of spam.

Disclaimer:  Most of the content on this site is my own original work.  I occasionally post content from others where I have permission from the original author.  Images where I’m not able to find the original author, I will provide a link to the source where I first found the image online.  I will happily remove content at the request of any original copyright holders, or identifiable subjects in the posted content.

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