Eating My Own Cum

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Have you ever thought about eating your cum?  Maybe you already have, or maybe you tried but lost interest after your orgasm.  I’ve been eating my cum for many years, ever since puberty, but it wasn’t always as easy as it is now for me to eat it.

Eating my fresh cum with chocolate pudding.

At first, while still in high school, I would masturbate while doing my homework.  I would always eat my pre-cum, but would lose interest in eating my real cum once I gave way to an orgasm.

It didn’t take long before I was trying the old prop your legs over your head trick and try to shoot my orgasm into my mouth.  This would sometimes get a few drops into my mouth at best, and spread the rest across my face, hair and chest.  It’s a messy way, but it gives you no chance to back out.  Before long I found I would get a stiff neck doing this, so I gave up on eating my cum for a while.

Periodically, I would be really horny, and determined to eat my entire load, raw and fresh.  I would jerk off into my hand, then look at the load of cum, and most times just rinse it down the drain.  Only rarely I would just not think about it and quickly lap it up with my tongue.

Hostess Mini Coffee Cake topped with fresh semen.

Hostess Mini Coffee Cake topped with fresh semen.

I soon learned that if I could bring myself to the edge of orgasm, without the full-blown orgasm, I would shoot a small load of cum (mostly just semen), and still be horny enough to want to eat it.  This worked great, but I still couldn’t get myself to eat the grand finale, the thicker cum with most of the sperm in it.

Finally, I had the thought to cum into some food.  I could cum into some food, then later when I was horny again, I would again have the desire to eat it.  This was a revelation!  Ever since then I’ve been cumming on food a lot and eating it.  After a little while, I have now reached the point where I hardly ever lose interest in eating my cum at all.  Even without food, I can shoot a whole load of thick cum into my hand, then suck it up and swish it around in my mouth, fully enjoying the taste of my semen and sperm.

Having reached this point, I am having so much fun with my special treat that I wanted to create my own online scrapbook to share with others who also enjoy playing with cum.  Enjoy!


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