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As a blog, the site doesn’t get updated very often and only has a small amount of cum photos, however,  as a forum for cum on food fetishists, the site is top-notch!  The public forum gets a lot of visitors, and gets updated everyday with discussions on various, mostly cum related topics, and allows user photo submissions.

There are many regular contributors to the forum that upload some high quality (and some not so high quality) photos of their cum on food.  Most of the members are male, but there are many female contributors as well, with some smoking hot cum eating and masturbation stories to tell.  Joining the forum is free, but there is a limit to the file size of the photos you can upload.  Thankfully the forum is moderated, so there is not much in the way of spam to deal with.

Hop on over, create a forum account, photograph yourself cumming on some food, and upload it already!  (Here’s an obvious tip.. if you haven’t already, create a discreet email account with a site such as Yahoo or Hotmail, that you can then use for all your naughty email registrations.)


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