My Penis Parfait

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I’ve been making delicious penis parfaits for a while now and thought I’d share my fun creation.  These are easy and fun to make.  They can also easily be shared with someone else or simply enjoyed while watching TV.  Cleanup with a damp paper towel is quick and easy.


  1 paper cup
  1 container of yogurt
  1 single size container of fruit, strained
  1 tbsp granola
  1 penis

Step 1.  Start with a penis in a cup. It took me several attempts to finally figure out an easy way to get a penis sized hole in the bottom of the cup such that it creates a comfortable yet tight seal.  My solution was to use a cutting knife to cut an “X” in the bottom, then keep cutting until I had at least eight little flaps.  With the cup properly prepared, push the penis up through the bottom of the cup as far as comfortable.

Step 2.  Add your favorite flavor of yogurt.  I prefer vanilla because it tastes great with any choice of fruit mix, and adds more visual contrast with the other ingredients.  At first the yogurt will feel cold against your penis, but it warms up nicely before too long, and it has a nice erotic chilling effect.

Step 3.  Add your favorite fruit cocktail.  I think pineapple tastes best, and, pineapple supposedly enhances the taste of your semen, if you eat a lot of it.  Anything will do.  Prepacked fruit cocktails works great, but remember to strain the just from, unless you want it to leak through the cup.

Step 4.  Sprinkle your favorite granola mix on top.

Step 5.  Using a spoon, I’d suggest a long-handled dessert spoon, stir up the ingredients and enjoy!

I don’t usually add cum to this recipe, though I have on a few occasions.  I was able to use the spoon to masturbate, but it’s not easy and can be messy as the seal on the bottom of the cup may not always last long enough.  For me, this is just a fun way to enjoy eating with my penis.

If you have a penis, or can use someone else’s, give this recipe a try to let me know how you like it.  🙂


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