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Pee Drinking


Nice glass of piss.

I took these photos so I would have a new photo to use for my keg of piss drinking challenge.  I figure, as long as I have ’em, might as well post the others in the set.  The mug works well for peeing into, but I still prefer to drink …

Filling a warm mug of fresh pee to drink.

Drink a Keg of Piss Challenge

Kegs are usually associated with beer, but imagine a full keg of urine… that’s 15.5 gallons of piss.  This is the challenge I have given myself… to drink a full keg of piss.  Normally it would take a room full of people working together to finish off a full keg, …


Pee Soaked Salad

I had a request for more pee video posts, so here is one of my best so far. Recently I’ve discovered that love eating salads completely soaking in fresh urine.  I’m not talking about just a little sprinkling of pee across the top, but fully soaking the salad such that …



V8 is a great drink, with 2 full servings of veggies in each serving.  It is also a good drink for mixing.  V8   works well when mixing with urine because it is strong enough that you can mix in a substantial amount of pee without much impact on the …


Why I Drink Pee

The main reason I drink my pee is that besides being fun to do, it always seems to boost my libido.  It’s like cheap Viagra, I always seem to get multiple good long erections when drinking urine. When drinking my urine straight from a glass, I have found that the …